Research & Analytics

The right data, exactly when it is needed, makes decision-making effective. Dattivo offers research and analytics services that allow you and your team to make the informed decisions that impact your business every day. We use data, analytics and technology to deliver results, so that you can deliver your results!
You will gain a deeper understanding of the information you already have or acquire new insights you didn’t expect.

Our Research & Analytics Services include

Data Integration
A unified view of the data contained in your multiple systems, whether your CRM, ERP, website, or spreadsheets.

Data Extraction
An effective way to gain access to your data and make sense of it.
We extract information from Access databases, CRM and ERP systems, complex spreadsheets, websites and other marketing tools.

Data Visualization
Dynamic dashboards and reports to explore and gain insights from your data quickly and with clarity.
We offer customized desktop and mobile solutions.

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